Local country distributor (de-) selection

  • Map potential distributors based on the sales infrastructure and market access, financials, marketing capabilities, existing product portfolio and logistics capabilities
  • Draw up a distributor agreement including mutual obligations, KPI/target setting and trade terms
  • Set standard operating procedures defining the terms of operations

Case:  we have the experience to appoint the right distributor to make the difference and reach the goals set for the specific market. We have selected distributors in among others Germany, South-Africa and Angola. To establish an effective partnership, it’s necessary to set clear expectations and measurable targets in order to reach expected results and profitability. On a regular basis, we have assessed the capabilities of the distributors as changing market size or market conditions require different capabilities.

In Morocco for example we have appointed several distributors to reach specific market segments. We have developed a Pan-African distribution strategy as well in case it is economically not efficient to have individual distributors in smaller markets. We have also developed an export strategy outlining how to manage distributors in smaller markets.

In Russia, we have established a Joint Venture with a distributor to increase control on future developments.