Product launch strategy

  • Initialize the product registration process (if applicable)
  • Create a product launch marketing plan including supply chain related matters (forecasting, planning) to assure product availability
  • Train relevant staff (sales, customer services)

Case: in some emerging markets product registration requirements can take considerable time and resources. In Ethiopia we have spend 2-3 years to register products (just to be able to enter the market). In Nigeria, we have registered products with local agencies like NAFDAC which can result in a competitive advantage in the market.

In many countries in EMEA we have launched new products and have maintained intensive contact with the suppliers in Asia to assure product availability. In Ethiopia, Angola and Kenya we have been on-site to initiate sales trainings to relevant staff.

In Nigeria we have launched a new concept, involving local hospitals and pharmacies, to bring healthcare closer to the patient. The outcome was a more than 100% growth in controlled hypertensive patients next to a 40% decrease in stroke events due to lower blood pressure values. Overall product awareness and sales have increased as a result