Strategy execution and control

  • Execute the actions defined
  • Set-up regular communication and report on KPI’s
  • Assess progress and define counteractions

Case: a proper strategy execution is critical for success. We have implemented regular reporting mechanisms (dashboards) to obtain good control and to report progress and out-of-line situations to stakeholders. We have set clear counteractions in case things did not work for different reasons.

We assure there is regular contact to the distributors as reports only do not tell the whole story. Regional differences play a very important role. Besides language and local customs, building a relation with the distributor has a different value in Europe than it has in Asia or Africa.

We have optimized distribution strategies in countries like South-Africa, Nigeria and France giving better focus, improved market access and increased sales (+50% Year Over Year in South-Africa in last 3 years).

We have integrated a professional medical products brand into our own distribution set-up in France.