Supply Chain Optimization / read more

  • Set-up the forecasting and planning process as well as the inventory management process
  • Create an efficient transportation flow from supplier to distributor
  • Optimize the customer ordering process (frequency, order details, communication)
  • Define how to deal with returns from the market (as well as the warranty procedure)

Case: We have established a logistics HUB in the Middle-East which helped regional markets to drastically reduce the lead-times and save costs (especially on sea-freight).

We have helped several companies active in ICT (IBM, Nokia) to optimize their distribution strategies making a difference between regular replenishment and express deliveries. We have set-up a direct shipment flow from China to Russia to save on transportation costs (annual savings € 0.7 M) and improve lead-times to market.

We have worked on different cases to improve the ordering process. Typical aspects to optimize are how we order (format, communication) and when we order (frequency, fast and slow movers, transport mode).

In another case we have further optimized the after sales service environment in Iberia for IBM.